Discover Adventure Bay Retreat

Adventure Bay Retreat is a Tasmanian family business that has deep roots in this beautiful island.

Jan Glover fell in love with this superb parcel of land on Bruny Island in 2011 and launched Adventure Bay Retreat the following year with the opening of the Lodge and Cottage. In 2018, the property was further expanded, with the completion of the stunning Lair and Studio.

Jan’s passion for Tasmania – its landscape, history, culture, art and fine food – can be seen everywhere at Adventure Bay Retreat. Our accommodation has been created by local craftspeople, using locally-sourced materials. Our interiors are thoughtfully designed, and feature locally crafted furniture and fittings, and original art by talented Tasmanian artists. Our guest provisions showcase fine Tasmanian food and wine, and we use high quality local products, services and suppliers wherever possible.

About Jan

Adventure Bay Retreat’s owner, Jan Glover, is a seventh generation Tasmanian whose family tree includes Aboriginal ancestors, convicts and a famous colonial painter.

Jan’s convict heritage begins with her mother’s ancestor, Samuel Hite, who was transported for life to Van Diemen’s Land in 1821 for burglary. He was later captured by notorious bushranger Matthew Brady, while minding sheep, but managed to escape. After his pardon in 1840, Samuel married another convict, Mary, with whom he raised eight children. Although the couple were not Aboriginal, two of their children were recorded as ‘native’ on their birth certificates. The identity of the children’s Aboriginal mother is still unknown, and they were raised as part of the family. Tragically, upon their deaths, these two siblings were not buried alongside their ‘white’ partners, because of their Aboriginality.

Jan’s ancestry on her father’s side is very different. The Glover family are direct descendants of John Henry Glover – a gifted English-born Australian artist. John Glover moved to Van Diemen’s Land in 1831, on his 64th birthday, and settled the following year at his property, Patterdale, near Evandale. Hailed as ‘the father of Australian landscape painting’, he is best known for his striking paintings of the Tasmanian landscape.

John Glover’s legacy is celebrated with the annual $50,000 Glover Prize – one of Australia’s most significant landscape art awards.