Lunawanna-Alonnah is bountiful with bird life, including all 12 species endemic to Tasmania.

Unfortunately you will not find a Tasmanian Devil or a Bare-nosed Wombat here as they missed the last ferry, but there are many other mammals you will find on Bruny Island such as the Brush-tailed possum, Pygmy possum, Tasmanian Bettong, Eastern barred bandicoot,
Dusky antechinus.

Many mammals are nocturnal but with few predators on the island you may spot a few different species out in the day time, grazing or soaking up some sunshine. Keep your eyes open and stay on the look out for these beautiful creatures.

Read more about the Fauna on Bruny Island with this great brochure put together by Hannah Crane.

FAUNA SPOTTER – Photography by ethanmannphotog & Hannah Crane